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Independent social work assessments

  • Undertaking meaningful and good quality assessments and decision making informed by evidence-based analysis
  • Provide expert reports on diverse aspects of social work as instructed by Local authority and partner agencies
  • Align assessments to safeguarding procedures, ensure the safety and wellbeing of children are central in every assessment

Supervised, Supported and Community Contact

  • Adopt a non-judgemental approach in contact arrangements – whether supported, supervised or in the community
  • Keep children within reach of non-resident parents during separation and other concerns/issues
  • Create a safe space and appropriate level of support for children in relationship building with parents to ensure children have good quality and safe contact
  • Uphold a culture of empathy, sympathy and sensitivity to all situations of children requiring contact
  • Seek out positive outcomes with the best interests and safety of children

Parenting Assessments

  • Parenting assessments covering all aspects of parenting and safety of children within the family
  • Undertaking specific assessments, special guardianship assessments/orders, independent reports and further addendum assessments in respect of children
  • Home parenting assessments and agreements where Local Authority and Courts have initiated care proceedings
  • Assessing parental insight for children subject to Interim care orders (ICO) and Interim supervision orders (ISO)

Deployment of Social work force

  • Deployment of social workforce to local authority and partner agencies
  • Sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices in all aspects of social work with a capable work force
  • Effectively working with other professionals, developing areas of collaboration with Local authority for the supply, and training of the workforce
  • Provide suitable services and interventions as outlined in contractual agreements and instructions for independent assessments at all stages

Welfare Visits

  • Provide welfare checks on adhoc basis, and reports on living arrangements of children
  • Undertaking parenting assessments and insights into parental capability for the wellbeing of children
  • Cross system working and interagency assessments as mandated by partner agencies

Mental Capacity Assessments

  • Robust decision and time specific assessments related to care/support needs, accommodation, welfare and finances as directed
  • Undertaking reviews in line with agreed timescales for fluctuating and situational capacity issues
  • Assessment options for capacity and incapacity and outcomes in line with liberty protection safeguards
  • Consulting other people and key persons for their views about the person’s best interests


  • Help separating parents with appropriate mediation arrangements, in line with parenting plans
  • Work with partner agencies to facilitate speedy organisation of contact and independent reports for best interests of the child
  • Ensure court orders and local authority responsibility are met through timely reports to support the mediation process through supported decision making
  • Rounded assessments with an acceptable timetable for implementation and management of agreed plans

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