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With a team consisting of professionals who’s wealth of experience span over 30 years in delivering health and social care nationwide, Absolute Social Work (ASW) was formed with the aim of providing a capable workforce of independent social workers to local authorities and other agencies covering a range of assessments, across the social spectrum from children to adult services. Our focus is on quality assessments that cater for the needs of children, young people and adults. Our vision and mission at ASW is to build a reliable social work force to deliver rounded assessments covering aspects of children and families, parenting assessments, mental capacity assessments, safeguarding work and a range of other interventions, tailored to meet the needs of individuals.

As a valued partner in health care provision through partner organisations, ASW recognizes that people matter and in our service delivery, those people take front stage.

In expanding our portfolio, we have a vision of a whole systems approach to supporting people through recruiting social workers who can enable the right conversations and engage service users through all stages of need.

Our goals and ambition are to recruit and supply a competent social work force to provide independent social work assessments, and reports to help people build and re-build their lives.

Supporting People To Lead A Positive Life

We recognize that supporting people to lead a positive life is mostly possible through social care professionals who can enable the right outcomes to be forged. Our workforce will deliver timely, independent and unbiased assessments.

ASW aims to work in partnership with local authorities, and other agencies, helping people to take the next steps.

Our professionals will be tasked with providing robust independent reports, covering all aspects, and core areas of interventions across the spectrum of social care.

From the provision of a safe space and neutral environment to enable supported and supervised contact, generic social work assessments to welfare checks for children subject to care proceedings, we aim to adopt a multi-agency approach in supplying a social workforce, amply equipped to undertake independent assessments and achieving best evidence.

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